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of all shoppers are influenced by Amazon

You are either Winning or Losing on Amazon. There are no ties when it comes to customer acquisition, you either win the sale or lose the sale to a competitor.

Losing on Amazon erodes market share, revenue and destroys brands.

If you are struggling with any of the following you are losing on Amazon.


Controlling the buy box is a must to control branding, pricing, and profitability.


Quick recognition and fast resolution is the key to keeping listing up.



The number one momentum killer are inventory problems.



Winning on Amazon is built on profitable and scalable traffic to your brand.


Poor ratings and reviews drop conversion rates and destroy brands.


Long-term growth is maintained through brand reach with new products.


Over the past five years we’ve saved our customers thousands of hours while at the same time returning winning results. Check out the average results in the first year partnering with us.

First year results for our brand partners


Growth in Market Share


Growth in Revenue


Brand Control


Average Star Rating


Sold on Amazon




See clearly what your competitors are doing 

so you can build a Winning on Amazon strategy

Market Share 

Top Competitors

Category Trends 

  • Revenue

  • Units Sold

  • Market Share

  • Growth

  • ASINs

  • Median Price

  • Avg. Reviews


Results your brand can expect from a

Winning Amazon Strategy with Reach

Gain in Market Share

Growth in Revenue

Gain in Profitability






Review your Amazon strategy. Decide if partnership works.



Fulfill your first order from Reach. This is now your Number 1 job.



We take over all Amazon work Day 1 when we get access to your account.



Watch as market share and revenue grow. Cash bigger checks!



Reach executes over 120 points of distribution to reduce risk, protect your brand, and move your brand from defense to offense. Reach will grow your brand and beat your competition.



Reach locks in control and uptime.

  • Control Buy Box

  • Lock MAP Pricing

  • Fast Case Management

  • Prevent Stock Outages


Reach ignites growth and revenue.

  • Gain Market Share

  • Increase Sales Ranking

  • Beat Competition

  • Accelerate Revenue Growth


Reach increases conversion rates.

  • Positive Reviews

  • Star Ratings

  • Full Stack Images

  • Brand Story


Reach reduces total cost of sale.

  • Ad Spend

  • Ad Sales

  • Return on Ad Spend

  • Brand Presence




The ACCELERATOR is right for you if:

  • Your brand has over $100,000/mo in sales

  • You want a retail partnership where you just worry about fulfilling purchase orders

  • You have only one reseller selling your product or you are willing to commit to a single authorized seller

  • You are ready to start stealing market share from other brands



At Reach — we know you are the kind of people who want to make a difference with the products you provide. But, to make that difference, you need to reach customers and win on Amazon. Amazon has become too big to ignore or to play half-heartedly.


The problem is you don't have the time, resources, and expertise to win, which makes you feel like winning on Amazon is beyond your business.


We believe losing and failing on Amazon is just wrong.


We know that it will, over time, destroy your brand, both online and in brick and mortar. That outcome is not acceptable to us. We understand you have limited time and resources, and for 98% of brands, you could spend years finding the expertise needed to win on Amazon. That's why we have developed our hands-free Amazon Accelerator Program that takes everything off your plate and puts it in the hands of our experts with our proven winning strategy.


Here's how it works you book a strategy call, and we will review with you the current state of your brand on Amazon and how to win and get long-term growth. In that meeting, if we agree to partner, you give us access to your ASINs, and we get to work implementing a winning growth strategy. You will, in the first 30 Days, get a purchase order from us and then watch your market share and revenue growth. We hold regular strategy sessions to review results and agree on strategies for future growth. 


Start watching your brand win on Amazon.


Gain market share and accelerating revenue, all while having more time to work on parts of the business that need your expertise.


"We hired Reach in hopes of making our ad campaigns more effective to maintain and grow our category leadership. Reach improved our TACoS (total acquisition cost of sale) from 20% to 15% AND we maintained the #1 spot in our category."

 — Casey, Saalt


  • Can you help us with other platforms or just Amazon?
    Yes, depending on your product categories Reach can help you on several key e-commerce platforms. Expansion to these channels will be based on fit and demand for your products as determined by sale volume potential.
  • Why would I have a single authorized seller on Amazon?
    In a word - Control. To keep control of your brand, pricing, images, shipping, etc. management by committee is a recipe for failure. If you have been burned by this you already know, if not it is a matter of when not if it will happen.
  • Wouldn’t a single authorized seller result in fewer sales?
    No. A common misconception is that more sellers mean more opportunities to sell your products, that is not the case on Amazon. You only have one listing for your product so more sellers just adds complexity in fulfillment, purchase orders are split among several sellers instead of just fulfilling one big one, and you open your brand up to loss of control. Add to that your Amazon Ad spend is more efficient with one seller.
  • How does your Model work?
    Reach’s approach is simple and accommodates most established brands. If you meet these three criteria you qualify for our NO FEE full service Accelerator Program. 1) Your brand is doing at least $70,000/month in sales on Amazon. 2) You are willing to have a single authorized seller (see why a single authorized seller is best for your brand). 3) You are willing to budget $1,500 a month in ad spend. If you meet those three criteria and are ready to grow your brand, Reach will provide our full service Amazon and e-commerce platform management at no cost to you. We kick-off the relationship with a large purchase order If your brand does less than $70,000/month in sales on Amazon don’t worry we have you covered. We help early stage brands launch on Amazon with our Grow Program that is a Managed Services Fee. This service is $5,500/month and we manage all sales through your store.
  • How is your approach different from other companies?
    Most companies that offer full service Amazon management do so for a monthly fee, not for free like Reach. Because we invest in your Brand by purchasing your inventory our success only comes when your brand is successful. As brand partners our incentives are 100% aligned to your growth in market share, growth in revenue, and protecting your brand from bad actors.
  • Why do I need an Ad Budget?
    1) Amazon like any search tool is about being found by customers that are looking for your product to purchase. You need ads to be visible to customers searching on keywords that lead them to your brand. 2) Your competition, if they are playing to win, will run ads that target your brand name. This allows them to show up on sponsored ads and potentially steal your hard earned customers. Ads help protect against that. 3) Part of our playing to win strategy will be to target your competitors brand traffic and win new customers.
  • What is the process of getting inventory into your account?
    What do we do? We audit your account and forecast inventory needs. We build out order specifications in our system Confirm inventory with you. We submit a Purchase Order to you. Finalize Amazon FBA shipment. Confirm the order with you. Provide labels for LTL or carten shipments. Provide label instructions. What do you do? Confirm inventory availability and quantities. Provide information on the shipments dimensions and weights. Label shipments and ship. How long does it take? Two to four weeks from kickoff meeting. First order is placed once the account has been audited and inventory availability has been supplied.
  • How do you process POs?
    Our standard method is processing PO's via email. If there are specific required formats for PO's or order templates that need to be completed let us know and we can accommodate. If using an EDI platform is necessary we can accommodate to meet your system requirements.
  • Who prepares the products for Amazon?
    Most clients have Amazon label the items with the FNSKU for a fee (.55 per item). Best practice and most cost efficient is labeling products at the manufacturing level. If not possible we will have FBA facilities label and bag items when necessary, for a fee. We do offer bundling and kitting services for a fee when necessary.
  • Won’t it look off to shoppers to see someone else selling our brand?
    No, this is probably the case already. There is only one line that changes in your whole listing. Consumers don’t even notice. Here is the before and after:
  • How do you clean up our channel (Buy Box)?
    We provide reports of other resellers on the product listings, their prices, business info, and inventory count. We legally can't remove "kick" anyone off from the product listing. There are two ways to remove them. The first, is for the distribution company to monitor who they sell to. The second is to involve an enforcement type of law firm/company to track down the resellers (because they don't always provide real details about their business & name) and send cease and desist letters as well as following strategies if the first steps don't work. The majority of cases are solved through tighter distribution.
  • What happens to our sales, brand, and inventory if Reach gets hit by a bus and we need to find a new solution?
    First off, Reach is invincible to buses. But if your company decided to part ways with Reach, the transition off of Reach is as easy as the transition on. We send over all info like ad campaigns running in our store, data, image assets, etc. We would basically reverse the process of how we began, but phasing your account back in and phasing our account out. We work with you to monitor sales, campaign momentum, etc for an easy and seamless transition. As a reminder consumers have no idea.
  • Do we lose control of our brand?
    Of course not! Our service gives you more control. Think of us as your hands and the time you don't have. If you don't like the wording, verbiage, images on the product listings, we are here to make you feel like your brand is your brand (not ours) and that your brand grows. We're just an extension of your team and the work you don't have time and effort to do (and maybe expertise). All requests made will are addressed promptly - and a plan of action is set into place. We meet on a weekly (sometimes bimonthly) cadence to make sure that your brand is being represented in your intended way and to keep you informed on our efforts, goals, impacts and strategies - so they align with yours.
  • Will we lose sales or momentum in the transition?
    No you won't. We implement a phased system from your account to our account. After Reach's account & listings are set up, then we send our first order of product. We continue to have your account sell through all FBA inventory and access the sell trends during that time. If products are sold by FBM, we'll have your store continue to sell for 2 weeks and evaluate the sales trend to see if more time is needed.
  • How do avoid killing the moment of ad campaigns and our growth?
    By Reach phasing into the campaigns (matching the same type of campaigns, details etc) as is currently running without increasing bidding prices. But we don’t stop there, Reach will also optimize to increase your brand momentum and growth. We will phase in more spending on our side, as you phase out less spending on your side. This will ensure that we keep momentum and accelerate your brand.
  • What happens to our ad campaigns?
    You ad Reach to your ad campaign console, so we can do a full audit of the type of campaigns, spend and metrics. We'll take what is working and apply it to our ad console as well as add optimized campaigns to grow the brand even more. Consumers never know or see a difference. We'll have both run during the transition period (about 30 days).
  • Won’t it look off to shoppers to see someone else selling our brand?
    No, this is probably the case already. There is only one line that changes in your whole listing. Consumers don’t even notice. Here is the before and after:
  • What is the process to transition from our account to the Reach account? How long does it take to get up and running?
    Accelerator Program: After a product detail page form is received (including ASIN, UPC, pricing, etc), we load the listings into the Reach Brands store (if the products already exist on Amazon) - this takes one day after all vital info is received. Next an account plan is created, advertising campaigns, and brand goals are all created week one and then we get to work. We balance selling through any existing inventory at Amazon or with other sellers to ensure we do not lose any momentum.
  • What fees/costs are we responsible for in the Accelerator (wholesale purchase) Program?
    Accelerator has ZERO Management Fees. We partner with your brand by becoming your seller on Amazon. This partnership makes us equally yoked when it comes to success. We both want the exact same thing, to grow your business and beat the competition as fast as we can. Accelerator insures that when we both go to work each day we are thinking the same thing, how do we win big on Amazon and accelerate growth of the business. We do require a minimum Amazon advertising budget of $1,500. We use that ad budget to grow your revenue and win on Amazon.
  • Do we have to advertise on Amazon?
    Yes, if you want to grow and truthfully yes if you want to be relevant in a few years. Advertising is a must to be seen by new customers, but also to protect your brand. One of the easiest strategies to steal customers is to run ads on your competitors name. Yes, customers searching your brand name can and will see a sponsored ad listing BEFORE they see your brand. And to answer the follow up question, do we use that as one of our strategies to gain market share, 100% yes!
  • How long does it take to get to 40% - 60% revenue growth?
    There are a lot of factors to growth from how ready and capable is your brand to the competition in your market, that said we see brands that partner with Reach grow 40%-60% in the first year. To be clear, these are numbers we feel confident hitting and many see that growth in the first six months. We know growth is an important part of the partnership and a key metric for us both to show a robust ROI.
  • What fees/costs are we responsible for in the Grow Program (managed service) Program?
    Grow is designed for brands under $70,000 a month in Amazon revenue. Grow fees are $5,500/month. We also require a minimum Amazon ad budget of $1,500. We use that ad budget to grow your revenue and win on Amazon.


We respond quickly.

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