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Buddeez Online Superstore Sees a Whopping 2X Sales Boost in Just Six Months

"We talk about Reach in our production and inventory calls, and even when discussing new products. In my mind, Reach is an extension of Buddeez."

—Tara Lang McDowell, Ecommerce Manager


From Gel to Gold: Gelli Arts Molds a 336% Sales Uptick in Just Six Weeks!

In Amazon's vast marketplace, this craft store favorite battled reseller challenges. With our strategy, we transformed those setbacks into a commanding online presence.

Solstice Rides the Wave: Watersports Titan Surges Sales by 183%!

Despite the winter chill, Solstice stayed hot! Faced with seasonal lulls, this niche watersports brand turned to us. Together, we made sure sales flowed seamlessly, no matter the weather.


Yummy Combs Chews Through the Competition: A 257% Sales Jump and Top Dog in the Buy Box Arena!

Yummy Combs was a hit in dog dental treats but faced Amazon obstacles. Teaming with Reach, they overcame reseller woes and saw a 257% sales leap.

Litania: Price Control and a 447% Sales Surge in 90 Days!

Confronted with the complexities of entering the Amazon marketplace, Litania turned to Reach for guidance. Together, we streamlined pricing, cut operational costs, and lit the track on fire with a 447% sales surge—all in just 90 days!


LCG Plants Success: A Lush 186% Sales Growth and 5% Conversions Bump in 3 Months

LCG, a favorite in faux plants, partnered with Reach to cultivate their Amazon presence. The result? Revitalized listings, sharp pricing strategies, and a robust foothold in competitive terrain.

Told They Have "No Path to Reinstatement" by Amazon, We Get SureCan's Listings Active Again in Six Weeks

“Our best-selling listings were wrongfully removed from Amazon. I personally was trying to work with Amazon through Seller Central for several months with zero progress. After we brought Reach on board, they had our listings back up and running within weeks. For this reason and many others, we would absolutely recommend Reach to manage your Amazon sales.”  Denny Koop, SureCan

2023 Hunting Trip Defender-69 (1).jpg

Pup Planks Becomes the Pet Product of the Summer with 240% Growth YOY

Pup Planks make it easy for dogs to enjoy water adventures alongside their owners, but initially, awareness was low. Partnering with Reach, the product saw a 240% increase in sales year-over-year. Now, it's a staple for boat outings, promising happy splashes for all.

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Your win on Amazon
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