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How Pup Planks Became the Pet Product of the Summer with 240% Growth Year Over Year

Picture this: A perfect summer day, the sun’s shining, you're chilling on the boat with your besties, sipping something cold, and life’s pretty darn good. The only hiccup? Your four-legged friends are eager to join the splash party, but getting them back on board? It’s like a comedy show that’s not always funny, especially if you have to keep your adventurous pup tethered or, worse, leave them shore-side, missing all the fun.

Enter the game-changing Pup Planks—the summer's MVP that lets your furball dive into the lake or ocean and clamber back up to you without turning it into an epic saga. Now, with Pup Planks, those paw-paddling buddies of ours are no longer sidelined. Whether you’re anchored out in the deep blue or docked by the pier, they’re in on the action, in and out of the water, whenever they please. 

When Solstice joined forces with Reach, we knew the Pup Plank would be a crowd favorite. It was clear this gem had all the qualities necessary to be this summer's must-have product. It just needed a bit more visibility to truly shine. So, we got to work: fine-tuning the product page, boosting the Pup Plank's organic visibility, and increasing positive reviews. Our goal was simple: make sure when pet parents began their hunt for summer essentials, Pup Plank was right there waiting to catch their eye.

And boy, did it pay off. From one summer to the next, Pup Plank didn’t just grow; it soared, netting a cool 240% boost in profits. That’s not just a win; it’s a victory lap with three and a half times more happy customers (and even happier pooches) than the summer before.

So here's to Pup Planks, turning every dog’s day out into an endless summer of fun. Here's to more wet fur, more wagging tails, and way more happy splashes. Because with Pup Planks, every dog gets their day in the sun, and every boat trip becomes an adventure that’s truly fur everyone.


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