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Told They Had 'No Path to Reinstatement,' We Reactivate SureCan's Listings in Six Weeks

Updated: Apr 2

SureCan was doing everything right—until Amazon changed their categories, adding a new “safety can” category. SureCan, whose safety cans were in the gas cans category, was suddenly out of compliance. 

But instead of giving them time to shift into the new category, Amazon followed up a few days later with six dismal words: “There is no path to reinstatement.” 

SureCan’s safety cans were their top sellers by far. An upscale gas can that is FM-approved for government vehicles like police and ambulances, these are not the flimsy $14 cans you buy at most gas station registers. 

While big hardware retailers continued listing their same cans, SureCan was pushed out of the picture. They couldn’t sell or advertise their product. 

Naturally, they needed a solution, and quickly. Suspended listings meant hemorrhaging money for storage costs, putting the brakes on revenue and killing brand momentum.

Luckily, Reach has cracked the case management algorithm, has an exclusive Amazon team, and the authority needed to get Amazon’s attention on your behalf. 

After six weeks of pacing intelligence—a learned skill that is our secret weapon when it comes to these matters, we did it. Their listings were active again. 

Purchases shot up, sales spiked and inventory started moving off the shelves. SureCan was back in business. 

Amazon changes its categories all the time. Unless you’re available 24/7 and know exactly what to do and quickly, you could face longterm listing suspensions too. 

These days, it’s only a matter of time before this happens to your brand. We see it every day. 

The good news is that with newly optimized, unsuppressed listings, SureCan is now free to dominate their category, turning this setback into a comeback.

In their own words: “Our best selling listings were wrongfully removed from Amazon. I personally was trying to work with Amazon through Seller Central for several months with zero progress. After we brought Reach on board, they had our listings back up and running within weeks. For this reason and many others, we would absolutely recommend Reach to manage your Amazon sales.” — Denny Koop, SureCan


Want results like this for your brand? We can promise a minimum of 40% growth in your first year.

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