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LCG's Amazon Breakthrough: Conversions Up 5%, Sales Leap 278%

Updated: Feb 15

LCG had a corner on the faux plants market—off Amazon. With their products on the shelves at Target, Home Goods and on WayFair, they were one of the top competitors nationwide. But turn your eye to Amazon, and that became a different story.

Owner Edward knew he needed to be on Amazon, yet his efforts so far had meant painstaking hours with dismal results. All of their troubleshooting issues seemed to reach a dead-end, and he was losing patience. He knew his product was a top seller—digging into his category sales, other brands were dominating. Why wasn’t he?

When Reach took the reins, the answer became obvious. Not only were his listings and keywords sorely lacking, LCG’s pricing wasn’t competitive. Yet LCG didn’t want to lower their prices and lose their margins. Luckily, we had a solution. After several months of troubleshooting and optimization, we’d turned around their conversions, growing them by an astounding 5%.

But the biggest win of all was their revenues—we managed to help them protect their margins while also maintaining a competitive advantage with their pricing. When consumers searched for their keywords, they found LCG outranking even their biggest competitors for several keywords. This translated to a 278% growth in sales.

We see LCG continuing their domination of the faux plants market on Amazon. With continued growth year over year, they’re well positioned competitively to continue taking market share from the world’s largest faux plant retailers.


Want results like this? We invest in your products, meaning your win is our win. As top-tier Amazon experts with an A+, 1000 out of 1000 rating on Amazon, we will buy your products and optimize them so they sell.


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