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Litania's Win: Regaining Price Control, Slashing Costs, and a Stunning 447% Sales Surge in 90 Days

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

When Litania decided to sell their products on Amazon, they were optimistic. After over thirty years dominating the sports equipment niche through their brands Gill and Porter Athletic, they were respected by coaches, school districts, and even the NCAA.

However, like many companies first stepping their digital foot on the Amazon platform, Litania chose to join their Vendor Central program. What they didn't know, was that by making this choice, they were unknowingly relinquishing control of their product listings to Amazon and its resellers.

Soon, the consequences of this decision became painfully obvious. When Litania tried to adjust their pricing, they discovered a harsh reality: they didn't have ownership of their own listings, and they were now powerless to make critical changes.

As costs surged and orders poured in, they found themselves trapped in a frustrating cycle of fulfilling orders at prices barely above their own costs, while going in circles with Vendor Central's customer service to get control of the situation. But control wasn't happening.

When they found Reach Brands, they were at the end of their rope. Amazon's bureaucratic red tape felt impossible to cut, and it was holding their sales growth hostage as they hemorrhaged revenue. Meanwhile, Amazon still had complete authority to alter their pricing at a moment's notice, even for their most crucial and top-selling products. (An authority they continued to use.)

Led by a "trail of breadcrumbs," as one might call it, they found Reach. After taking the time to fully understand the situation: what was happening, what they'd tried, and what they needed, we went to work. We steadily began the process of delving into Litania's listings and reclaiming control over each item, one at a time.

In just three short months, focusing solely on a select line of Track and Field products, Reach achieved an extraordinary feat—we successfully regained ownership of Litania’s product catalog, and even optimized their existing listings while introducing new ones, all resulting in an astounding 447% surge in sales.

Litania's partnership with Reach continues to flourish, with sales steadily growing and plans underway to expand their product line under our careful management.

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