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"Within Six Months, We've More Than Doubled Our Sales." Buddeez Shares Their Experience with Reach

Updated: Jan 4

“We Talk About Them in Our Production and Inventory Calls, and Even When Discussing New Products. Reach, in My Mind, Is an Extension of Buddeez.”

— Tara Lang McDowell, eCommerce Manager, Buddeez

"Amazon had us backed into a corner. We couldn’t leave, because there’s no bigger platform for sellers… but their fees were unsustainable. In the ten plus years we’ve done business with them, costs had steadily risen, capping out as high as 34%! We felt trapped in a life cycle of cut throat competition that forced us to lower our prices, chronic inventory issues due to Amazon’s mismanagement of our stock, and swarms of shady resellers with unfettered access to our customers.

It felt as if we had two bad options: Languish on Amazon Vendor Central, or fumble around in the dark on Seller Central. Perhaps its greater control over pricing, marketing and inventory could reveal our salvation? But we could only afford to allocate two people to our Amazon retail, and hiring a team with the requisite expertise would have been a huge expense.

Thankfully, a third option presented itself: Partnering with Reach Brands.

After just one month, we began seeing a dizzying array of positive changes in our account. For years, switching to Seller Central was a daunting and unknown prospect, but when Reach laid out the services they were offering us, we gladly handed them the keys. It was the right choice.

Reach’s marketing experts bolstered our SKUs’ performance via keyword optimization and hyper-focused targeted advertising. Meanwhile, their forecasting and inventory management eliminated the stockouts that had plagued our growth. Furthermore, in addition to their own in-house team of experts, Reach leveraged strategic partnerships with other firms to further bolster our presence on Amazon.

Reach has taken us from losing big on Amazon to winning. Within one year, we’ve more than doubled our sales.

Their expertise in inventory management allows us to fill orders quickly and in full, which has created a dedicated market just for Buddeez products. Additionally, our margins filled out even further thanks to E-Enforce, one of Reach’s partners, who eliminated over one hundred re-sellers that Amazon had allowed to leech off us for years.

But perhaps the most miraculous result of partnering with Reach has been selling products that we had thought were unprofitable. We lacked the pricing know-how to keep them competitive (and Vendor Central wouldn’t have allowed to do so even if we did), but Reach has propelled our products into the market share we always knew they deserved.

To top it all off, these interventions took effect practically overnight. After partnering with Reach, we nearly doubled our sales projections the very next quarter.

“Reach, in My Mind, is an Extension of Buddeez.”

Bringing in a third party to optimize our Amazon sales once felt too risky, but Reach is now truly a part of our business. Their communication and openness has been such a game-changer that we talk about them in our production calls, inventory calls and even discussing new products. Reach, in my mind, is an extension of Buddeez."

— Tara Lang McDowell, eCommerce Manager, Buddeez


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