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How This Water Sports Brand Grew Winter Sales by 183%

Updated: 5 days ago

Solstice, a brand synonymous with water sports, had already made waves in the world of online retail. With their products prominently featured by major players like West Marine and Target, both in physical stores and online, they had successfully cultivated a loyal following of buyers. But there was one hurdle they couldn't quite overcome—the off season.

For three months of the year, sales soared as boating enthusiasts flocked to the water to beat the heat. However, when the colder weather arrived, their customers seemed to go into hibernation, taking their sales with them.

Determined to change this pattern of dwindling sales, Solstice decided to turn over their products to the expertise of Reach Brands.

We delved into their merchandise, thoroughly researching sales patterns, monitoring competitors, and identifying hot products that sustained buyer interest, even during the off months. This deep dive allowed us to fully grasp the seasonal cycle and gain valuable insights to drive strategic decisions.

In the process, we identified the root cause of this annual market slump: a lack of early campaign preparation. Despite Solstice's online know-how, they were missing out on crucial runway time leading up to the summer season. Recognizing this missed opportunity, we swiftly worked to optimize their campaign timeline and maximize their success.

By incorporating forecasted and re-forecasted inventory, diligent monitoring of stock and pricing, and comprehensive keyword research, we optimized our listing content in collaboration with the brand to ensure a steady supply of products and increase our chances of winning the buy box. These strategies unleashed a tidal wave of success—boosting their off-season sales by a jaw-dropping 187%.

Solstice's off-season triumph showcases the potential for seasonal brands to overcome market limitations and thrive against the odds. With their sales continuing to soar, our partnership remains strong and poised for further growth.


Are you tired of treading water through the off season? We help you grow when you don't expect to, and that means keeping your quarterly revenues, instead of using them to survive the down months.

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