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From Studio to Spotlight: Gelli Arts' Sales Surge 336% on Amazon in Just 3 Months

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

In 2011, the co-founders of Gelli Arts, Joan Bess and Lou Ann Gleason, celebrated their first sale of a gelatin printing plate. It was a moment of pure elation, and the start of a journey marked by notable milestones, like being featured in Michael’s and repeatedly shattering their sales benchmarks.

Yet, Amazon—a haven for retailers—remained an elusive frontier. Although Gelli Arts tried partnering with resellers, the results were less than satisfactory. Their unique product often got lost amid uninspired product listings, lackluster images, and incomplete descriptions.

The reason was simple: resellers, while providing a channel for sales, weren’t as dedicated to showcasing the brand's essence. The care and passion that went into each Gelli Arts product wasn’t reflected on its Amazon pages.

Enter Reach.

Our collaboration with Gelli Arts began with a comprehensive review of their Amazon strategy. We identified three primary setbacks: incorrect product categorization, unoptimized listings devoid of essential keywords, and underwhelming imagery.

Over the course of three months, our dedicated team ensured that Gelli Arts had full control over their product listings, reclaimed ownership of their Buy Box, and amplified their advertising outreach.

The results? A staggering 336% spike in sales.

Now, Gelli Arts is not just a brand. They are a testament to artistic innovation and business acumen, paving their way as trailblazers in the arts and crafts domain. With the immense potential of Amazon at their fingertips, their journey is only beginning.


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