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How Yummy Combs Kept Their Buy Box, and Grew Their Sales 277% in One Quarter

Updated: Jan 30

UPDATE: Yummy Combs continues to dominate on Amazon! Most recently, their sales increased another 37% quarter over quarter, while their Subscribe & Save users climbed 41%. 🎉

In the competitive realm of dog treats, Yummy Combs stands out—celebrated because its helps canine dental health, and is a tasty treat that's beloved by pets. 

By early 2021, Yummy Combs had a buzzing online presence on virtually every platform but Amazon's. Ready to tap into its immense potential for sales and market growth, Yummy Combs teamed up with Reach. 

The magic unfolded rapidly. Within just one quarter, their business almost doubled, claiming a significant slice of the pet product pie.

However, success often attracts unexpected challenges. By mid-2021, resellers began competing against Yummy Combs, selling products lower than their advertised price. Not only did this lose them control of their Buy Box (and effectively, their listings), it also halted their sales growth.  

Not to be subdued, Yummy Combs worked with Reach to strategize and reclaim their product listings while spearheading an aggressive advertising push. The aim? Soon, all you’d find was Yummy Combs for their major search terms. 

Not only did Yummy Combs wrest back control of their Buy Box and pricing, their sales also soared, growing by a staggering 277% compared over the previous period. 

Yummy Combs' story isn't just about staying strong when tested, it’s about finding the right Amazon partner. Through thick and thin, a steadfast vision coupled with an effective strategy can elevate a business from ordinary to extraordinary, no matter what hurdles arise along the way.

Do you have a team willing to fight for you on Amazon? Your top competitors have large teams, usually based overseas, with up to 50 staff working only on Amazon. At Reach, we give you the resources to compete and win, no matter the size of your competitor. You wouldn't play the Red Sox with two players, would you?

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