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Bad Amazon Review? Your Negative Review First Aid Kit

Uh-oh! You've just received a negative review—the enemy of every eCommerce manager out there.

At first, you shrug it off, pretending it's no big deal while shifting your focus to other things. But then, you notice sales slipping for that specific product.

Now, one negative review may not be the end of the world. But a decrease from 4.5 to just 4 stars can instantly lose you at least 20% of your sales. It's easy for this to happen too, if your product has few existing reviews, or a product or shipping issue arises. Even if you have hundreds of positive reviews, one negative review can still pack a punch if it's recent, and sitting right at the top of your review page.

The key to surviving a negative review is to act quickly. The longer you let it linger, the worse it can get. Luckily, you’ve found our five-step Negative Review First Aid Kit.

Use these steps anytime your brand receives a negative Amazon review to quickly fix the issue and prevent it from happening again…

Your Negative Review First Aid Kit

Five Steps to Fix and Protect Your Amazon Ratings

Step 1: Stop the Bleeding

Take a deep breath and keep the review in perspective. Remember that mixed reactions are normal, and not everyone will have the same opinion about a product.

Then, check that the review is verified.

If the review is unverified, and you’re a registered Amazon Brand, contact Brand Registry and bring the review to their attention. If it contains inaccuracies, it’s possible that this review is either an awful prank, or even competitor sabotage. Brand Registry will listen to your concerns, and if needed—take the review down.

Next, check whether it’s a seller or product review.

If you come across a negative review related to your seller account rather than a specific product, you can often reach out to Amazon for assistance in removing it.

If you’re a Brand Registry account, and the review relates to shipping delays or damaged products, Amazon will often take responsibility and exclude the review from impacting your overall rating.

To reach out, simply go to the negative reviews section and select “remove” next to the review in question. Explain what happened, and send it to Amazon for exclusion.

Once you have your bearings, login to Amazon and respond to the negative review promptly. Any review below four stars is eligible for Amazon’s Customer Contact feature.

Simply locate the negative review in Seller Central by selecting Brands, then Customer Reviews. Use the filter feature to just show reviews with 1-3 stars.

Now, when you click any of these reviews, you’ll see the Customer Review option on the right hand side.

In your contact form, choose between Courtesy Refund or Customer Review options, depending on how you’d like to remedy the issue. Then, click send!

If the customer responds, rejoice! You now have the opportunity to communicate with them directly.

Once you've successfully resolved their issue and they express satisfaction with the outcome, politely ask if they’d consider updating their review. It's amazing how a simple request can potentially turn the tide in your favor!

Step 2: Assess the Damage

After reaching out to the customer or contacting Brand Registry, it's time to assess whether the review was simply a result of an irritable customer or if there's a genuine underlying issue.

Take a close look at the customer's complaint to identify the root cause of their dissatisfaction.

Are there any valid points raised? Is there a legitimate issue with the product that requires attention?

Perhaps improvements can be made to enhance the fulfillment process or modify the packaging to minimize damage during transportation. It's crucial to evaluate these aspects and address them proactively.

Step 3: Cleanse and Disinfect

Now that you're aware of any potential issues your product may have, make it a priority to remedy them so that future negative reviews don't happen.

One great way to do that is to optimize your product listing.

Unoptimized listings can cause issues when customers receive products that don't match what they expected based on the image, product title, or description.

Make sure your listing accurately reflects what they'll receive—and even exceeds their expectations!

Step 4: Apply a Healing Touch

If the customer refuses to modify their review and it's impacting your average rating, one effective strategy is to increase the total number of reviews you have. This can help improve your overall rating and mitigate the impact of the negative review.

By encouraging more customers to leave reviews, you'll have a better chance of maintaining a positive reputation. Keep striving to gather feedback and enhance your rating!

We share a number of methods to do this in our article Five Steps to Double Your Amazon Reviews This Year. Read it here >>

Step 5: Prevent Future Injuries

Now that you've successfully stopped the bleeding, it's time to dive into the feedback from that negative review and turn it into an opportunity for improvement. Embrace it as a chance to level up!

Take a close look at the feedback and evaluate it carefully. Use this valuable insight to implement measures that will prevent similar issues from happening again in the future.

Whether it's ramping up your quality control, providing better customer service training, or ensuring that your product information is crystal clear, your best bet is to take proactive steps to make things even better.

Remember, every setback is a chance to bounce back stronger than ever. So, let's use this feedback to make your brand shine brighter than ever!

As a friendly reminder: tackling negative reviews with a professional and proactive approach can do wonders for your brand's reputation while winning over your customers.

Sure, facing criticism can be tough, but taking the time to address your customer’s concerns is like making an investment in your business's success.

If you spot recurring themes or similar issues popping up in multiple negative reviews, it's time to put on your thinking cap and come up with a game plan to tackle them once and for all. Show your customers that you're serious about making things right and providing top-notch service.

Remember, the secret sauce to conquering negative reviews is open communication, owning up to any mishaps, and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. So, keep that positive attitude and watch your brand shine!


Need emergency help? If you need help getting your ratings and reviews back to 4.5 stars, our team can help you diagnose the issue and fix it in record time. Plus, if you qualify, we may even do it for free.

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