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Eight Unexpected Tricks to Choose a Best-Selling Product on Amazon

Choosing a best-selling product on Amazon isn’t always intuitive. Even your website’s top-selling products may not have the wide appeal that Amazon requires.

Not to mention, with millions of items competing for your customer’s attention, you’ll need to choose a product that gives your competitors a run for their money.

The following eight tips will help you choose products that appeal to your ideal customer on Amazon, giving it the best chance to gain the traction it needs to become a bestseller.

At the end of the day, success on Amazon hinges on your ability to spot and capitalize on emerging trends before your competitors do. 

Stay plugged in to what consumers are asking for, dig into niche markets, and use your own data to decide what to sell and when to sell it.

Follow these tips and chances are, you’ll pick a best-selling product before you know it.


Need help choosing your next best-selling product on Amazon? Our team is here for you. With over $50 million in our own store last year, and another $100 million projected this year, we know how to choose what sells.

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